Monday, November 27, 2006

  1. SO you want to make money from your site? You came to the right address. I will show you the most important tricks to be a millionare. It takes only few steps. Here we go:

  2. You have to get a topic that will attract people. If you own a website about seashells no one will care. But if you own a web site about Paris Hilton you will got tons of visitors. SO CHOOSE A GOOD TOPIC AND CONTENT.

    After you get your web site ready now its time to signup to those pay per click companies.
    I will start with the best one.

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    Or you could get paid to show popups only. Make money from every coming visitor.
    But this is not always a good idea.Because visitors hate pop-ups. They try to resist coming to sites that have pop-ups. But its all up toyou.

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  3. After you sign up to these programs its all about placing your code in the right place.

    First placing you ad somewhere visible is very important. You want to show your ads to your visitors so that they can click them. Try to place them near the menus you have on your site. Another way would be to blend it in your content. If you have pure text in your web page blending is the best option. Your visitor has to stop reading the material and actually pay attention to the ad. Boom! there comes 1 click.

    Second most important tip i am gonna give you is.... be ready.. this is been tested over 1 year and it never failed me. Use red links. Human eye gets attracted most by the red color than any other color. Design your code according this. Or you do have an second option: Use opposite colors in your ads.
  4. Try to keep adding new content every other day so you can keep up with your rivals. more content you have the more chance you will get visitors.

I am done for today. next week i will tel you how to make money from your FORUM. So dont miss your tutorial. Good luck on your business. (After reading this tutorial you wont need luck)

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